Sara Ribeiro, Coordinator of the Lisbon Affordable Housing Program

Lisbon City Council

Architect, graduated from the School of Architecture – University of Lisbon.

Started her professional activity at EPUL, the former Lisbon Development Public Company, as the author of housing projects and project manager in urban regeneration and regeneration operations.

Architect from the City Council between 2013 and 2019, having worked in the management of urban regeneration projects acquiring experience in management of architecture and construction projects.

Since July 2015 has joined the Affordable Housing Program Task Force. Coordinator of the Lisbon Affordable Housing Program – Concessions, at Lisboa Ocidental SRU since May 2019.


The urgency of building 6000 affordable housing units in Lisbon, as a response to the housing crisis, prompted a reflection around the social, economic and environmental implications that are inseparable from a large-scale initiative.

Incorporating concrete solutions for urban sustainability, defined by the Municipal Master Plan and the Municipal Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change, the Affordable Housing Program presents the imminently sustainable challenge of ensuring social cohesion and economic resilience, implementing practical measures of mobility and inclusion, and promoting compatibility between the restrictions imposed by the applicable regulations and reference levels of energy performance of new buildings.